Grading Rubric for Individual Passages

4 = accomplished
3 = proficient
2= developing
1= beginning

Pre-Performance Traits
_ It is evident that the passage has been carefully selected.
_ It is evident that the passage has been thoughtfully rehearsed.
_ Speaker has created a script of the passage that includes thorough directions for pronunciation and emphasis (pace, volume, tone, gesture, expression) as well as notations on vocabulary and allusions.
_ Written rationale presents a thorough interpretation of the passage and its context and accurately addresses the nuances of the situation and the character's behavior.
_ Written rationale includes a thorough explanation of image choices.

Performance Traits
_ Speaker enunciates clearly, fluidly (directed by punctuation rather than end of line; "chunks" the passage in a coherent manner), and with appropriate volume.
_ Speaker uses his/her voice artistically, varying pace, quality, pitch, and force to reflect mood and/or tone, and to help the listener grasp the meaning.
_ Speaker's performance is appropriately animate (it is not lifeless or mechanical).

Image Choices
_ Images reflect mood, emotion and tone of passage.
_ Images relate to literal and/or figurative meaning of passage.
_ Vocal recording and images are in sync with one another (appropriate pacing).