Hamlet rebukes Gertrude by Greg Z.

Laertes advises Ophelia by Maggie C.

Hamlet directs the players by Aaron S.

Polonius speaks to Gertrude by Tori M.

Hamlet rebukes Gertrude by Molly R.

Claudius' prayer by Rory F.

Instructions from the Ghost of King Hamlet by Kyle C.

Hamlet remembers Yorick by Hugh P.

Hamlet chats with Horatio about dead lawyers by R.J.L.

Hamlet resolves to act by Lizzie K.

Ophelia goes mad by Olivia H.

Ghost speaks to Hamlet by Kevin M.

Hamlet addresses the players by Ted E.

Hamlet responds to the spies by Charlie A.

Claudius' Prayer by Nahji H.

Opheilia's beginning by Donna D.

by Cole E.