Hamlet Remixed

English 12 Honors and AP ~ Shakespeare's Hamlet, Prince of Denmark
and Written Analysis of a Passage

The goal of this assessment is to achieve a deeper appreciation for Shakespeare's language and literary craft, for the story of Hamlet itself, and for the characterization of a famous figure in theatrical and literary history.

We will apply our textual analysis to create and to deliver an interpretation of a selected passage and we will create a remix of the passage using VoiceThread.
NETS for Students

Elements of the tasks:
1. Prepare the Passage
  • Know the meaning and pronunciation of all words.
  • Know the character's emotional state and motivation in the scene.
  • Be aware of any shifts in tone or mood within the passage.
  • Study the context of the passage: What has just happened? What do you know about the character and the situation up to this point? What is the purpose of this passage?
  • Retype the passage and include the following notations in the margins
Vocal pauses, stresses, inflections.
Explore the ways professional Shakespearean companies have produced your passage. You might choose to search Hamlet soliloquy in Youtube.
You will need to carefully plan your pauses because VoiceThread is a slide show program. (Dr. V will add you as a user if you don't yet have an account.)
Tone of voice
Definitions of words and phrases unfamiliar to you or those that may have an alternate meaning from the one(s) you know
Explanation of allusions
Notes on pronunciation of words and phrases unfamiliar to you

(12 Honors)
2. Prepare a Written Rationale in which you explain and justify your approach to and interpretation of the passage.
  • Explain why you chose this character and this particular passage
  • Analyze the character as a whole. What is your approach to interpreting this character and his/her role in the play? What are this character's "issues"?
  • Explain what this particular scene and passage reveals about the character.
  • Explain how you resolved any ambiguities in the character's attitude, mood, tone, etc. What decisions did you make and why?
  • Explain this character's current relationships to the other characters in the scene.
  • No more than two pages typed

3. Present the passage in an audio/visual presentation
Choose a group of copyright-friendly images that reflect the following:
  • Mood
  • Meaning (also figurative)
  • Allusions
  • Characterization
  • Your personal interpretation

You should create a folder in which to store these images for easy upload. Keep track of your image sources.
Using Voicethread, record your passage incorporating your developed understanding of the piece in context.
Your final slide should document the sources of your images.

4. Prepare a written analysis of the passage using scholarly sources
  • Include works cited (minimum of five sources)
  • Show understanding of literary criticism as it relates to your passage
  • Discuss the use of literary devices in the passage and provide textual support from your research
  • Your individual analysis should drive the content while you use literary criticism to support your assertions.
  • Please make use of our Literary Criticism and Shakespeare Pathfinders.

(Image from Discovery School Clip Art)
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